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Space Nugget



Space Nugget was made for the 2016 Unreal Game Jam. It was made in just under a week by a team of five, using Unreal Engine 4.

I worked on it as a designer, spending most of my time working on the UI and general design concepts. Due to the rapid development nature of game jams, everybody on the team did a little bit of everything.


Made in Unreal 4 with a team at the Global Game Jam 2016 in Melbourne (click here for the GGJ page), Freedom is a game about creativity. Made in Unreal 4, Freedom is a short Oculus Rift compatible adventure/puzzle game.

I worked on it as a project manager and designer, though as it was a game jam, we all did a little bit of everything. Most assets in this game can be found on the Unreal 4 marketplace.


A Wizard Did It

A Wizard Did It was my major project in my last trimester of university, made in Unreal 4.

An asymmetrical multiplayer action game, AWDI pits a team of three “heroes” against the “wizard” player. The wizard summons in monsters and uses annoying abilities to destroy the heroes’ crystals, while the heroes try to defend their castle until the time limit is up.

I was the project manager and a designer on this game, doing things like working on the level layout, HUD and general game design, such as asset and matinee implementation. As a note, the HUD elements (which are only visible in multiplayer) are partly lifted from World of Warcraft, and are not of our own creation. Certain assets are also available from the Unreal 4 marketplace.


Sustainaville is a strategy / management game from Good Game Productions and Save the Children

I worked on Sustainaville during my time with Good Game as a producer (credited) and writer. While my credit was ‘Producer’, I spent a lot of development time doing writing, both in-game and on the website. I also did general design work and a lot of the testing. As the team was small, I did a little bit of everything, though the bulk of my time – as mentioned – was spent writing.

Keep Defence

Keep Defence is an asymmetrical multiplayer tower defense / collectible card game hybrid developed by Good Game Productions. At the time of writing it hasn’t been officially released, but our greenlight campaign was successful.

While working, I spent a lot my time writing, including working on the Steam greenlight page and text. I also did general design work (such as participating in meetings, testing and developing cards and effects).

I also worked at PAX Aus 2015 in Melbourne at our booth, persuading people to vote for our greenlight campaign and gathering feedback.


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