On Gun Modification (Day 33)

The ability to modify guns is one of those modern staples of gaming that doesn’t often add anything interesting. Sure, you can slap a laser pointer on your M4, but why would you? Or – and this is more often the problem – why would you not?

Gun customisation is something that’s often a bit limited by real-world logic. Sure, you can add a new type of scope to your gun, but it’s usually an arbitrary choice. If they affect stats, one will almost certainly be the best choice; if they don’t, then the choice matters even less.


Ideally, I think, additions to a weapon should come with a drawback of some kind. It can be a hard thing to balance, but it’s certainly doable.  A drum magazine that adds a bunch of ammo capacity at the cost of making the weapon heavier or unwieldy is a classic, but it can be harder to justify why adding a foregrip is going to make your gun worse.

Most of the time, there’s a best set up. When there’s not it’s usually because the customisation options don’t ultimately matter much. This is like almost any game with a gear system, only guns tend to be much more heavily based in reality, which – to me – gets very boring, very quickly. That’s why I love Resonance of Fate so much.


Yes, that’s a handgun with five scopes, two silencers and a foregrip. It’s outstanding.

I’d love to see more games take gun customisation to ridiculous heights – why not let me attach another gun to my gun, like Moe from the Simpsons? What about a  bullet-shaped gun that shoots other guns? Oh.

Even Fallout 4, the game toted to have amazing weapon customisation, has a set of upgrades that are clearly better than the rest. At this point it’s not customisation, it’s just a bunch of bullshit to get through on your way to the scope that can see through time or whatever.

What about you? Are there any games with outstanding weapon customisation that you know of? What do you love or hate about the idea? Let me know in the comments!


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