On Double Jumping (Day 23)

Here, “double jumping” refers to the act of jumping once, then jumping again (off nothing) while still airborne. It’s amazing.

To me, it exemplifies the idea of splitting gameplay and narrative into two separate wholes. Only very rarely is the ability to double jump worked into the games narrative in any form, but most of us just accept that we can do it and move on.


Devil May Cry justifies its simple jump by showing the character generate a platform to jump off. 

A lot of time is spent on making absurd game mechanics believable, if not realistic. However, I think that the popularity of double jumping is a kind of permenantly reminder that maybe it’s not always necessary.

How do you feel about double jumping? Do you love it, or just like it a whole lot? Or are you some kind of fun-hating monster who finds it too ridiculous to enjoy? Let me know in the comments!

PS. These posts will often be short throughout the week as I’m now working full time with a fairly insane commute each way, so I usually write these in transit. On the weekends I may have time to make them a bit longer, but expect them to be on the short side in general. Thanks for reading!


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