On Weapon Collecting (Day 17)

Continuing on with the theme of the last couple of days, today is all about collecting weapons in games. Basically any game that has weapons allows you to collect them in some capacity, so this is specifically about games that encourage or reward it in some specific way.

When I think about weapon collecting in games, the first thing to come to my head is the Soul Calibur series, particularly Soul Calibur 2.


The Soul Calibur series has always had a huge focus on weapons, but only 2 (and 3) managed to make the collection process fun and rewarding. There’s even a screen specifically dedicated to tracking your weapon collection that serves no other purpose. It’s great!

Collecting is a fun activity in general, but I’m not sure what makes it especially endearing when it’s weapons. Maybe it’s something to do with how much they affect the gameplay, or how their models are so visible (which was fairly rare at the time of SC2’s release). The flavour text and  lore tidbits certainly didn’t hurt.


Drakengard is another notable entry. To achieve the best (and weirdest) endings, the player had to collect and level up every weapon in the game, some of which were bizarrely well hidden. The same is true of spiritual successor (and criminally underrated gem) NeiR.

Do you enjoy collecting weapons in games? What are your favourite examples? Let me know in the comments!


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