On Guiding Lights (Day 13)

Another quick post today, because I’m writing it super late. Today, it’s all about using light as a diegetic way to guide players through an environment!

This is fairly straightforward and is used in loads of games, even if most gamers never notice. Then again, most gamers never notice most of what developers do, so I guess that’s par the course.



Left 4 Dead is one of the most blatant and best examples of using light to guide players.

Typically, light is shining directly on the path that players are meant to be heading towards. If the rest of the environment is sufficiently dark, players will be drawn to it quite literally like moths to a flame.

Fire and light is a great way to build diegetic guidance into a level. It’s subtle, fits neatly into almost any environment and is unbelievably effective.

I’m actually going to wrap it up here because I’m super tired, so I’m sorry this post wasn’t exactly in-depth. I’ll post more on this subject tomorrow! Thanks for reading!



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