On Kicking Enemies Into Things (Day 9)

This’ll likely be a significantly shorter post than normal, and there’s a good chance that this will be the case for most weekdays from now on. I’m employed full time – hooray! – but that obviously gives me less time to blog. I’ll still do it daily, just be aware that on weekdays it’s generally going to be shorter.

When I think of the topic of kicking enemies into things – and I think of it frequently – I can’t help but see Dark Messiah of Might and Magic as being the triumphant king, and I think everyone who’s played it would heartily agree.


Dark Messiah is a full-fledged RPG, with gear to collect, levels to gain, skills to learn, secrets to uncover – but most importantly, enemies to kick.

It’s indescribably satisfying, and if you haven’t played the game I recommend you stop reading and go purchase a copy to make your life worth living. It’s glorious. If you’ve enjoyed the blink strike in Dishonored 2, know that it was basically a weak sequel to Dark Messiah, at least in terms of satisfying kicks.

I think there’s something essentially satisfying about using the environment to kill an enemy. It feels more clever than stabbing them in their stupid orc face, for whatever reason, even though kicking is often the easiest option.

I think environmental kills are also a good way to reward players for interacting with their environment, even if it’s in an especially violent way. By keeping an eye on the area as you explore, you become better equipped to deal with threats.

There’s also something satisfying about the weight of it. Kicking an enemy into an object makes the world feel more interactive and especially physical – it’s also a deeply satisfying Hollywood cliché, to kick an enemy into or off something that kills them.

Look, it’s a hard thing to describe. Just click anywhere on this sentence for one minute of pure kicking bliss, and you’ll understand what I mean.

Ugh, now I have to reinstall Dark Messiah again.


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One response to “On Kicking Enemies Into Things (Day 9)”

  1. Robert McPherson says :

    Was doing the civil war in my Skyrim game today… at one point inside a fort there where three Imperial archer on the wall shooting down at me. Fus Ro Dah! They go flying off the wall… and the cliff… the very, very tall cliff…

    I like to think that they had time to regret some life decisions that lead to them shooting arrows at a dragonborn.

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