Daily Design: Day 281

Daily Design is a series of game concepts devised daily through all of 2016. These are just basic concepts, designed based on randomly generated words. Today, they are;

Monarch, Narrow and No. 

As such, the game I’ve designed today is…

Make Way

King to People copy.jpg

Make Way is a game about safely escorting your (extremely important) King. Unfortunately for you and your fellow peasants, the King is an especially well-fed man, which means that safely escorting him around the world is less than easy.

After his mighty capital city was sacked, the King needs to flee to the safety of his foremost allied kingdom. Unfortunately, he’s never really learned to do anything for himself, though he’s excellent at giving orders. Naturally, this means that he requires a retinue of peasants to carry him to safety.

It’s an isometric game, in which the player commands up to four peasants at once, RTS-style. At least two peasants must be present to actually carry the King, though the less are present to carry him, the slower he’ll move.

Each level is essentially a small puzzle about how to get the King to where he’s going. Players will typically need to figure out how to split the team so that the King can be moved safely – for example, a path may be activated by having a peasant stand on a button (which are common in games, despite being hugely impractical). This leaves 3 peasants to carry the King, but a pendulum that swings across the path means that you need 4 peasants to carry him across quickly enough – so, the solution is to find something else to anchor the button down with.

That’s the basic idea behind most puzzles. Find ways to open the path forward, then make sure the King can move quickly enough. It’s a simple enough idea that it’s easy to understand and still develop several puzzles for of different levels of complexity.

That’s it! Thanks for reading. I’ll be back tomorrow with another quick game concept! As an aside, I’m doing the Unreal G”Epic MegaJam”, so the next week or so may have smaller posts. 

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