Daily Design: Day 192

Daily Design is a series of game concepts devised daily through all of 2016. These are just basic concepts, designed based on randomly generated words. Today, they are; 

Thread, Identity and Array.

As such, the game I’ve designed today is…

Threads of Fate


Not to be confused with the other Threads of Fate.

Threads of Fate is a game in which the player has absolute control over the lives of those around them, which is similar to most games, now that I think about it.

In the game, the player takes the role of one of the “Sisters of Fate” from Greek mythology. The game follows the story of a small village, and the lives of each individual character that lives there.

The player has access to the “Threads”, one of each represents the life of a villager. They can watch the thread from beginning to end and see how the villager’s lives play out naturally, from childhood through to death.

Unfortunately, one of the villagers is “Dolos”, the spirit of deception. He’s intertwined his own thread with the others, and the Sisters of Fate have been tasked with figuring out which villager he is (and he could have taken a body of any gender).

To do this, they can interact with the threads and “scrub” through them, as if in a video. For example, they may choose to cut one thread halfway, then watch how it affects the rest of the village as that character dies. Importantly, any decision can be undone, so it plays out like a giant mythological “what if” machine (as opposed to a real one, I guess).

Threads can also be tied together, with up to three threads being in a single knot. This binds the lives of villagers together in important (and not necessarily romantic) ways.

Basically, it’s a short and simple story of a village that can play out in a huge number of ways. The player can screw around with the villagers to uncover all kinds of stories, ranging from the horrific to the funny and anywhere in between. The ultimate goal, though, is to uncover the identity of Dolos, though the story may have more twists and turns than you’d expect…

…or it may not, since I’m not actually making it. But it’s fun to think!

I think it’s also important that the player can see which thread combinations they’d tried previously. From the “thread” screen, any thread they’ve previously witnessed would be of a different colour and/or have a different visual effect so they know it’s nothing new. For the familiar, this is a system similar to the Zero Escape series, where multiple play throughs are necessary to uncover the whole truth.

That’s it! Thanks for reading. I’ll be back tomorrow with another quick game concept. 


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