Daily Design: Day 182

Daily Design is a series of game concepts devised daily through all of 2016. These are just basic concepts, designed based on randomly generated words. Today, they are; 

Mythology, Cooking and Curse.

As such, the game I’ve designed today is…

Curse Al Dente

Curse Al Dente is a cooking game set in a fantasy world. The protagonist is a newly appointed chef who specializes in cooking cursed food, purifying it as they do so. Mechanically, Curse is part rhythm game and part turn-based RPG.

At the start of each cooking session, the player is presented with a dish to cook, such as a stew. From here they can choose the exact ingredients, each of which has a different effect on the cooking process and on the outcome. For example, using Unicorn Meat may make the cooking process more difficult but reward more experience, money and reputation.

The protagonist has just inherited a kitchen, though in typical video game fashion it’s kind of a piece of shit (it’s good to be candid). By earning money, players can expand, furnish and otherwise improve the kitchen and eatery. Players also earn reputation by cooking well, which rewards them with better patrons that are willing to tip more. Reputation is constantly in flux based on the player’s recent performance/s.

The cooking process, as mentioned, is part rhythm game and part turn-based RPG. Players will follow a simple rhythm game while cooking, pressing the corresponding buttons as ingredients reach certain sections of the kitchen bench. Afterwards they face the curse itself in a turn-based RPG, the difficulty of which is determined by the ingredients and success in the rhythm portion. Ultimately both will affect the dish, and a better performance means a happier customer and thus more experience, money and reputation.

The turn-based battles are quick and simple, with small numbers and simple abilities. While no individual battle should prove too difficult, each in-game night consists of a “shift”, where the player has to cook multiple dishes in a row without being able to rest, heal or save. This means carefully balancing the ingredients with the player’s skill is necessary.

That’s it! Thanks for reading. I’ll be back tomorrow with another quick game concept.


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