Daily Design: Day 157

Daily Design is a series of game concepts devised daily through all of 2016. These are just basic concepts, designed based on three randomly generated words. Today, they are;

Cricket, Prisoner and Damnation.

As such, the game I’ve designed today is…

Devil’s Number


In Devil’s Number, players take the role of recently executed prisoners, who find themselves playing cricket for the devil in order to win their freedom.

At it’s core, Devil’s Number is a regular cricket game. There are various players that can be bought and sold amongst teams, and in-game players take every role, from batter to fielder to bowler, each with it’s own control scheme taken straight from any other cricket game. One key difference is that matches are designed to be significantly shorter, so everything plays out quite quickly.

What sets this one apart (other than being set in hell) is that this is extremely violent cricket. Unbound by Earth physics, the game is fairly different – a perfectly timed hit of the ball results in extreme speeds that can dismember anyone it hits, or tear somebody’s arm clean off (they can regrow them after a match, because this is hell, I guess).

A perfect throw results in the batter being torn apart (LBW works a little differently here), and there are no penalties for killing opposing players. It’s actually the primary way to win – killing enough enemy players results in a victory. Players are brought back after a match to continue their damnation.

That’s it! Lot going on in life, so these may be short for a while. I’ll be back tomorrow with another quick game concept.


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