Daily Design: Day 107

Daily Design is a series of game concepts devised daily through all of 2016. These are just basic concepts, designed based on three randomly generated words. Today, they are;

Hiding, Try and Red.

As such, the game I’ve designed today is…

Colour Blind


Colour Blind is a competitive multiplayer game with a focus on stealth.

In the game, players take one of two roles – either the Spotter or the Infiltrator. Spotters have a simpler job, being tasked simply with spotting (who knew?) the other player. If they click on them, they win.

The Infiltrator has to try and reach a certain point in the map without being spotted. This is done primarily by utilising camouflage, though there is a bit of cover scattered about.

So, the spotter sits at a high point and can oversee the entire map. They’re looking through their binoculars at varying levels of zoom, and win if they click on the infiltrator. They have a large hit radius, and the infiltrator isn’t told if the spotter narrowly misses them, since the game shouldn’t devolve into the infiltrator simply running about.

If the spotter misclicks, they’re hit with a ten second penalty in which they can’t move or click again. The infiltrator isn’t told when this occurs, but it makes spotting that much harder.

The infiltrator uses a system just like octocamo in Metal Gear Solid 4 – this means that when they stay on an object for a few moments, they automatically generate a camouflage that looks like whatever they’re touching, as seen in the image above. They can also see the general direction that the spotter’s looking in at all times, which allows them to make decisions about movement vs. camouflage.

Since the spotter’s job is arguably not that interesting, it may be better if they can set up security cameras at the beginning of a round scattered about the map. Then, they can switch between the cameras at any time and rotate them slightly. This would allow for more interactive and strategic gameplay, while also keeping it less predictable for the infiltrator.

That’s it! Thanks for reading. I’ll be back tomorrow with another quick game concept.


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