Daily Design: Day 17

Daily Design is a series of game concepts devised daily through all of 2016. These are just basic concepts, designed based on three randomly generated words. Today, they are;

President, Beehive and Bluff.

As such, the game I’ve designed today is…

Bee of Rights

Bee of Rights is set shortly after the bees have renounced the monarchy, and have established their first democratic election. As a presidential forerunner, it’s your job to win over the bees and install yourself in the presidential office.

Bee of Rights is an isometric free-roam game. You’re given a certain amount of time to wonder the Beehive, and can choose how to spend it. Whether it’s spent leveling up your (Free) Speech skill or convincing the elderly to vote for you, remember that time is finite, and always marching towards the election itself – so spend it wisely!

The promises you make to people will have an effect on your Beehive, as well. If you make a hard stance on the Right to Bee Arms, you’ll lose a lot of voters, but also gain many – and this will cause people to react differently to you. The more extreme your stance on an issue, the more extreme their reaction, so be mindful; the most extreme reactions may cause you to be banned from certain locations, or give you a discount elsewhere.

Issues are handled by a series of sliders before you give a speech. You’ll be able to select up to three issues, and (using sliders) determine how extreme your stance is. For example, the issue of Climate Change – if selected before a speech, you can move your slider from Deny to Acknowledge. While keeping the slider in the middle is a safe way to avoid losing voters, it’s not likely to make anyone else vote for you, so taking a stance is eventually necessary.

Completely changing a form of government isn’t smooth, however, and you’ll have Royal Bees to contend with. Whether they’re introducing Royal Jelly to the supply line or simply sabotaging the elections, you’ll eventually have to make a decision on how to deal with them – a decision that affects both your votes and the future impact of the Royal Bees.

The key to Bee of Rights is in time management and planning. While you technically have infinite time to explore the Beehive, taking an action will cause time to move forward. For example, you can spend it working out to improve your physique, which will allow you to fend off Royal Bees and attract voters of the opposite sex. However, you could also choose to spend it giving a speech at the Children’s Hospital, granting an influx of voters but providing no permanent stat benefit.

In Bee of Rights, it’s your job to win the election, and lead the bees into a brighter future. Do you have what it takes to accumulate voters and build yourself into the leader the bees deserve?

That’s it! Thanks for reading. Check back tomorrow for more. For the next week or so these posts are going to stay on the short side, as I don’t often have access to a computer, but there’ll still be one every day.


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