Daily Design: Day 8

Daily Design is a series of game concepts devised daily through all of 2016. These are just basic concepts, designed based on three randomly generated words. Today, they are;

Bouncy, Bloat and Arsonist. 

So, the game of today is…

Weight Burn


Weight Burn tells the ageless story of a flying fat man who starts fires. Like classic “catapult” games, Weight Burn is a 2D single-player game, best played on phones, tablets or PCs.

In the game, players use a slingshot to launch their fat man from left-to-right, hoping to get him as far as possible in a single shot. Along the way he encounters obstacles, some of which stop him, some of which bounce him further along.

Inevitably, your character will stop, either from loss of momentum or because he hits an obstacle. Once he does so, the player is rewarded with in-game money based on the distance traveled, with longer distance earning a higher reward.

This money can be invested into better gear, such as a stronger band on your slingshot, or some kind of clothing that makes your character bounce higher when he first hits the ground.

Where Weight Burn differs from most catapult games is in the ‘burning’ mechanic. By touching the screen, the player can prime a match, and their character will burn the next object they interact with – not destroying it, but altering it’s effect.

Typically, this may change a positive obstacle into a negative one – for example, burning an item that may give you a speed boost would change it’s effect into one that slowed you down instead, or vice versa.

This essentially turns Weight Burn into a kind of rhythm game, where you learn to tap the screen based on what your character is about to hit in order to maximise distance. As such, Weight Burn also has a slower flying speed than most catapult games, as they generally don’t give the player enough time to react to what they’re about to hit (because there’s typically no need).

That’s it! Thanks for reading. Check back tomorrow for more.


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