Daily Design: Day 4

Today’s Daily Design brought to you by the words;

Primate, Jewel and Feudal.

Which means that the game of the day is…

War Tails


War Tails is a 4X strategy game, where each player (or AI) controls a nation of primates.

At the outset of a game, players choose their leader from a large pool, each with different strengths and weaknesses. This is fairly standard, and is seen in most 4X games, such as Civilization or Endless Legends.

For example, if the player picked Furious George as their leader, they’d be granted the ability to improve their armies at a faster rate, at the cost of economy and culture. Deciding on how to win is an important factor in choosing your leader.

Speaking of which, the win condition is what sets War Tails apart from most of these games – the player is tasked with finding a magical jewel. This jewel or gem is what – according to monkey lore – decides the next ruler of the land. The gem can be found through military conquest, diplomacy, economic growth and more. The jewel itself is actually hidden on a tile in the randomly generated world, and players can invest a good deal of time and resources to digging a tile at any time – however, only by progressing through the main game can they narrow down the search, eventually pinpointing it exactly.


Clues should be sought differently depending on your chosen play style. Militaristic nations, for example, can find clues by conquering cities and defeating armies, whereas economic nations can buy clues at a high price. While all options are open to all players, focusing on one in particular is the fastest way to achieve victory.

Outside of seeking the gem, players must also develop and protect their own nation. Cities can be built anywhere, as long as it isn’t too close to an existing city, and major buildings inside of cities can be built to provide bonuses at the cost of resources. Building a Monkey Bar, for example, provides a place for your citizens to relax, improving their productivity in the long-term.


Remember, though, that other nations are seeking the gem alongside you. No matter your preference, you’ll need a standing military to survive – consider utilizing Gorilla Warfare, or even launching Babooms at enemy cities to conquer them and steal their clues.

Another day, another design saved by awful puns. Thanks for reading!




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