The Pros and Cons of Gender Equality in Games

Feminism has been a hot topic lately, especially in certain circles of hardcore gamers. It turns out that a lot of young, straight white males have some very strong feelings about equality, and why it shouldn’t exist – so I thought I’d examine some of the pros and cons of having gender equality properly represented in video games.


  • Equality would potentially attract new players to gaming, providing a financial boost to the industry.
  • Games would have a more positive cultural impact.
  • Games may contain female characters that amount to more than boobs with guns.
  • Women in role-playing games would finally get armour that covers more than their nipples.
  • Along the way, we could bear witness to more cunning and witty hashtags like #WomenAreWrong or #GamerGate.
  • The Mad Max game could be entirely about Furiosa, like the movie.
  • You could move on to discriminating against a different, potentially more interesting group.
  • Kotaku would get off our backs.


  • If women felt like they could play more video games, they may spend less time ironing.
  • Many of us could no longer turn to video games as an alternative to soft pornography.
  • Talking to strangers over a mic is already intimidating, but talking to women is nearly impossible.
  • Implementing equality sounds difficult.
  • Many of those pushing for equality would suddenly find themselves without much to do.
  • It may become much harder to justify online tantrums.
  • Without suffering through discrimination, women of the future may become weak and ineffectual.

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