Trimester Wrapup

This is likely my last post for a while, though I’ll try my best to keep this blog up to date over the few weeks, it’s not super likely – between visiting family in another state and having extra work, it’s more than likely to slow down. This post is just going to be a brief recap of the trimester; a sort of postmortem for the last 13 weeks, but in much less detail than the postmortem for my actual project (posted further down the main page).

Straight up, I loved it. Our university is following a much more practical unit outline, and I think every student benefits from this a thousand times more than the previous version. There’s a greater focus on industry simulation and networking, which is absolutely necessary.

My lecturers were both great, too. In the past I’ve had lecturers that were a little too close to their namesake, and hardly let the student do their own work – conversely, I’ve also had lecturers who did very little. This trimester, my lecturers were helpful, easy to contact, and taught me a whole lot, as well as acting more like friends than teachers, something more lecturers could stand to do.

The workload was mostly based around planning and creating a single project, while meeting milestones along the way. I took the role of project manager, as well as designer, and enjoyed it all. We had some issues (as mentioned in the postmortem), but it was mostly great.

I hope the next trimester is as successful as this one, and by all accounts it will be. I’m still looking forward to a three week break, though there’s a good chance we’ll start pre-production on our next project before the trimester begins.

Thanks for reading!


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