Last Pre-release Update

First of all, sorry the posts have been infrequent lately, I’ve been bogged down with work. I’ve had a recent revelation that my latest project is due this week (in two days) rather than next week, which gives me a lot less time to work with than I’d hoped. I should be okay since my game had been going quite well up until now, but I still have several things left to do (hopefully today). These are:

Giving my second monster a turn.

At present, the player party fights against two trolls. Unfortunately (or fortunately), only one of these can actually act at the moment. While this is fantastic news for our characters, it’s not so great for me. This shouldn’t be very hard or time consuming to do, but it’s key, so I’m planning to do it next.


The finished game will hopefully be much more interesting to look at.

AI – Decision Making

At present, the enemy randomly chooses a player to attack. Part of our brief mentions that enemies must have some form of decision making when it comes to choosing how to attack. I’m not entirely sure how to go about doing this, but I’m hoping I work something out soon. I may have it so that the enemies prioritise characters with low HP, but are otherwise random. Another possibility may be adding a ‘taunt’ move to a character that makes the enemies more likely to target him (or both).


The next thing I’m missing is an ability that can affect multiple targets. For this, I plan to give the main character a skill that heals the entire party. This should be short and painless to implement (hopefully).

Implementing the Morale System

The next thing I get to do today is to implement my Morale System. This is half-way implemented already – every time a character makes an action, they lose 1 MP (morale point). What I have to do now is have it so that when a character is at 0 morale, the player no longer decides on their actions and instead that character will continue to attack mindlessly until they’re dead or the battle is over. This is something that else that shouldn’t be too difficult to do, but it may be more time consuming than I’m expecting.

Attacks must have a chance to miss

This is fairly painless, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. Basically all attacks (from both players and enemies) must have a chance to miss their target. For this I plan to simulate a dice roll (get a random number from 1 to 6) and if it’s above 2, have the attack land – otherwise, it misses. This isn’t a particularly clever or advanced system, but it meets the brief and should be fine. I can also customise this to be different for each character and thus making some more accurate than others, but the plan is to leave it all at the same level.

Implement the gold system

A major part of my game is the gold system, which is currently completely missing from the game. Despite that, it’s actually super easy to throw together. When the player wins a fight, they should earn gold – this gold is used to upgrade the town and increase the strength of their party. This is something that won’t take long at all to implement (but on top of everything else, I’m going to be very busy today).

Fix GUI Resolution Issues

Another short but probably not sweet issue I have to fix is the GUI. Currently the main menu and town scenes have some errors when playing the game in different resolutions, because the script hasn’t been written to accommodate them. This isn’t a huge issue and I know exactly what to do to fix it, but it will take some time. So maybe it’s more sweet than short after all?

Pretty up the battle environment

As you can see from the screenshot above, the battle scene currently looks – for lack of a better term – like ass. I’ll have to throw some assets in and make it look a bit prettier, without clogging up the scene too much with pointless objects.

Clean and comment my scripts

Lastly, I’ll have to clean up my project a bit. This stuff won’t be visible inside the game, but it’s important as far as how I’m assessed. The assets in my project need to be organised a little better and I need to go through my scripts to make sure my commenting and formatting are okay. This won’t take too long either, hopefully. I’ll also have to write a post-mortem, come to think of it.

That’s it, folks! I’m pretty swamped today, but if I don’t get this project finished before I go to sleep I won’t have time to finish all my other work before it’s due. Because of that though, there’s every chance I’ll be uploading the final build of my latest game as well as the post-mortem to my blog tomorrow some time (not tonight, because as soon as I’m done, I’m going to sleep).


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