Feature Update: Village Upgrading

In my upcoming game, players will be able to upgrade their home village in certain ways, at the cost of gold. These upgrades will buff the player’s party in combat in different ways, as well as allowing them to explore new areas of the town.

The town will start in a very bare-bones state, with nothing but walls and a road:

Screenie Town

From here, the player can talk to a certain character in the village to purchase upgrades. These upgrades will be given out in a linear order – currently, there are no plans to allow the  player to customise their village, just to improve it.

Town Screenie 2


Here’s a visual outline of the village progression, but remember it will play out a lot slower than this:

Town Screenie 3


Town Screenie 4


Town screenie 5

Keep in mind, this is still very early and everything is subject to change. Upgrading the village is definitely planned and is already functional, so I very much doubt it will be removed, but you never know what to expect. This hasn’t been very well polished yet, either, so certain things will look different in the final game.


If you have any questions or comments, you can reply to this post, or get in touch with me through the ‘About’ page.



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