Small Update

I’m back on track, and the village has been rebuilt more-or-less the same. There seem to be a few differences, but nothing that makes it any worse from the original.


I’m planning to change the area outside the castle to something more interesting, but equally resource ‘unintensive’ (I’m open to suggestions).

The camera’s been reworked nicely – it now functions almost completely how I want it to. Currently, it rotates nicely around your character and won’t clip behind other objects. Instead, it smoothly moves to where ever the nearest solid point is between where the camera should be and where the camera actually is. The only thing I have left to do is put a clamp on how high and low the camera can be pointed – this isn’t a big task, it’s just one I haven’t gotten around to yet.

Otherwise, animations and movement have been tweaked slightly. They work in pretty much the same way as ever, but now look and feel a tiny bit better. I honestly shouldn’t be worrying about stuff like this at such an early stage, but having to rebuild my first level gave me an opportunity to play around with these kinds of things anyway.

My next big goal is to get a nice GUI happening, if I can ever wrap my head around the free version of NGUI. I’ve always had trouble with making decent GUIs in the past, so I’d like to get it right this time. I’ll post a screenshot of it as soon it’s made. From there, I’ll move on to the battle system, or “the actual brief”.

Will keep you posted.


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