First problem (of many to come)

In game design, like in all design, the designers come across design problems (design). Today, I thought I’d be extra productive, so I built an upgrade system for the base to test, film and upload to the blog for all to see. Unfortunately, after building my game, it decided to delete everything I’d made so far, except for my scripts.


The first build was merely a setback!

This isn’t as disastrous as it sounds, but it has set me back a few hours at least. Luckily, since my scripts are safe and snug inside the asset folder, I can reassemble everything the way it was (more or less) and get it functional again. It’s also taught me an important lesson I learn every time this sort of  happens – I need to back up my work a lot more frequently. At the moment, I tend to back it up never, which might not be often enough.

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