Captain Plan-It

So, with my last (unenjoyable) project out of the way, I’m free to work on my next one – which has already been a lot more fun and exciting, and I’ve only been working on it for about an hour.

My newest game is a 3D turn-based RPG, also made in Unity. It’s a bit daunting – I’ve never tried to make a turn-based game before and I’m not even sure where to start. So, I started where I always try to start – by making it look awesome.


I ended up giving in and spending a fair bit of monies on assets for this project, which I justified by telling myself I’ll use them in the future (which I hopefully will).

The game is about a young anime stereotype adventuring with an older and a younger stereotype as they do missions and make some money, which they use to upgrade their base. This means that the above base will look less interesting at first, but the player will slowly build it up with acquired gold. While this sounds neat and complex, it’s going to be boiled down to a pretty simple system. The player will be able to buy upgrades for their base, but it’ll just be a single upgrade button at a time – the player won’t have any choice in what to buy or where to place it.


The player can choose to go on missions, which will have randomly generated enemies to battle. I’m not 100% on how the system will work yet – I’m thinking that there will be three types of mission to choose from; easy, medium and hard. The enemies in the missions will be in a set level range for the player to attempt. For example, easy missions may have enemies from levels 1 – 10, whereas medium missions will have enemies from 10 – 20, and so on. Because this is really just a prototype (I have a 4 week time limit), levelling will be quite quick and easy.

These missions will award the player with gold and experience – the gold is used to upgrade their base, and experience is used to level up and become stronger. There will be no gear system, because that’s well beyond the scope of the project at the moment. Upgrading the base will reward the player will a higher ‘Morale’ stat. Morale is a resource that will be critical to combat in the game – each turn, every character’s morale will reduce by 1 point, until it reaches 0. At 0, the player will lose control of the character that’s ‘panicking’.


I went with this idea because I wanted some kind of gameplay dilemma a bit outside the norm of a regular RPG, as well as some kind of substantial reward for upgrading the base. I’ve also never enjoyed RPGs that reward the player for drawing out combat and playing defensively – I always felt that turn-based RPGs are slow enough as it is. I’m not sure how this system will pan out, but I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes.

There will be three playable characters in this game. The main character is that white haired, blue-coated guy wielding an impossibly enormous sword in the above screenshots. Another is the older man seen in the second screenshot, who will also serve as the mission menu and mentor. The third playable character is a bit younger than the other two, but I don’t have a screenshot of them yet.

As far as story goes, I have a rough idea of what I want to do, but nothing’s set in stone. Again, it has to be fairly light-weight to meet the time limit.

I also plan to be a lot more dedicated to the blog with this projects, with updates at least twice a week. The exception is this week – I have two other major assignments due quite soon, so they’re currently the priority. I’m going to be uploading more screenshots, as well as hopefully some gameplay demos and videos on this blog. Image

This is all just a plan at the moment and the only functional part of my game is the town (which you can explore in third person). I’m a lot more excited for this project, though, and after this week I’ll have more time to dedicate to development than I did with my last two games, so it should turn out a lot better. Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep you updated this time.


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