Game Plan

So, now that I’ve finished my last project, I’ve begun work on my next one. To meet the brief, I need to create a 3D version of the game I’ve just finished. This can be a direct conversion (which I plan to do), which should also save me some time. 

It’s kind of late and I’m distracted with other assignments at the moment, so this and my next post in a couple of days are going to be fairly short. Then, they should resume at a normal pace when my project’s well underway. I plan to include more info on development this time, but so far it’s been more about cleaning the project up, deleting assets I’m not using and cleaning out the code, which isn’t very interesting to read about. 

So this post is basically just a quick one to remind you that yes, more posts are coming over the next couple of weeks, and they’ll have a lot more information on my next game. It’s just there’s not a whole lot to report on, and other assignments have me swamped.

So stay tuned!


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