Second Post!

Hey everyone,

Back for my first (second?) update! The game I’ve been working on is due this Friday (it’s Sunday night at the time of writing), so I’ve got to get the last of the features nailed in. The game is actually pretty much functional at this point – I’ve only got the little things to do, but they end up being what sucks up all your time. 

I’ve just finished work on my ‘boss’ character. I hadn’t planned ahead on this guy, so I had a quick hunt around the asset store to find a suitable model. Most were either too expensive (not free) or had pretty crappy or non-existent animations, which led to the unfortunate near-decision of using this guy as the player’s ultimate hurdle:Image

Pictured: Desparation

Luckily, I came across a ‘cave worm’, which is clearly much more menacing than ‘humpback whale’. He’s not in a cave and looks nothing like a worm, but he’s definitely final boss material;


More tentacles means more power


Unfortunately, because of my time constraints, this guy is just a bigger meaner version of regular enemies, despite his different appearance. The time constraints are getting to me a bit, and I think I’m “pulling a Molyneux” – A lot of the features I’d planned on adding just aren’t going to make it in time.

I’d like to add a small narrative, but I think the world itself kind of tells a decent enough story – it’s no stretch to imagine that the player can put the events together without any guidance from me. This gives me a tricky problem about finishing the game, though. What do I do when the player beats the final boss? At this point I’m just thinking that I’ll have a “You win!” screen, but I’m not sure how to work it in. It’s kind of low-priority at the moment, though.

 I also want to add a levelling system, but that’s surprisingly quick and easy. I might even name the game if we’re really lucky. 

It’s actually going pretty smoothly so far and I think I’d be able to do a lot more if it weren’t for my other assignments – They’re not a small time drain either. I’m looking forward to finishing this game, but I’m not feeling as if I’ll revisit it at this point. I’m enjoying working on it, but it doesn’t really offer anything new or exciting and I feel it’d take more time than it’s worth to turn it into something great. 

Having said that, I think it’s technically and functionally fine and it certainly meets the brief I’ve been given, so despite the fact that I don’t find it ‘great’, I’m still proud of the work I’ve done. Building a game from scratch is no small feat – not that I’m done yet – so it’s always very satisfying to get something to work. 

These are almost definitely my famous last words before I miss the submission date, but contrary to what I said at the beginning of this post, I don’t think anything I have left to do will take too much time. I have to fix the targeting system and fix the GUI (general user interface) in places, as well as put the finishing touches on the world and add a ‘game over’ and ‘winning’ screen (plus a levelling system). Maybe I won’t make it after all. 


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  1. Tommeh says :

    play test?! 😀

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